Apple new MacBook Pro with magic features, retina display, magic keyboard: Fastest Notebook

  1. Apple new macbook pro with 16 inches largest retina display ever
  2. Macbook Pro with 1mm of travel magic keyboard for typing comfort 
  3. Up to 80 percent faster performance and more powerful hardware 
Apple has designed world's best Macbook Pro for Professional, Photographers, filmmakers, music creators, scientists, developers, and anyone who relies on it.Apple finally launched its new, most powerful Macbook Pro apple has ever made with 16 inches largest retina display  ever which was in rumored headlines. 


This new model Macbook Pro comes with bigger battery, larger display, latest 9th Generation intel processor, next generation graphics with 8GB VRAM, 64GB fast memory, up to 8TB storage, six-speaker sound configuration, Touch Bar, Touch ID, Touch Trackpad, Apple T2 security Chip, a new advanced thermal design and specially the new magic keyboard with a revamped scissor mechanism.


Apple announced the price start with $2399 for US market and price for India start with Rs. 199,900.

New Magic Keyboard

Apple's new model Macbook Pro comes with a new magic keyboard with revamped scissor mechanism having 1mm of key travel distance and new designed rubber dome which hepls to keep focus and more potential energy for better key press.It gives a physical escape key, and an inverted- "T" arrangement for arrow keys providing comfortable, satisfying and very quiet typing experience.

Retina Display

Apple's new 16 inches retina display Macbook Pro is the largest Notebook that ever made in the world with the resolution of 3072×1920 and 226 pixel density which provides nearly 6 million pixels. It delivers best gamma,white point and primary colours.

Advanced Thermal Design

Macbook Pro features most advanced thermal design ever to sustain power for longer-period and provides better thermal system resulting 28% increased airflow which enhanced 35% larger heatsink for CPU.

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