1. Tesla's CEO and the richest person on the planet recommended Signal App
  2. Signal Application is an instant messenger like Whatsapp or Telegram
  3. Signal app is extremely encrypted to Protect the Communication
  4. Whatsapp continuously sending new privacy policy which are controversial 

I think we all have received a notification to accept the new whatsapp  privacy policy. Which state that users can lose their account if they don't accept the new privacy policies.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk recommended Signal Application in a simple and straightforward Tweeter tweet.
Signal Application is an instant messaging application like WhatsApp or Telegram.
After the Elon Musk's Tweet the Download of Signal Application has raised to 2,00000 from Google and Apple Stores in just two days and the users are rapidly increasing on Signal App.
After accepting the Whatsapp new privacy policies Whatsapp can collect many informations to operate, customise, support and market our services said Whatsapp in its Announcement.
After the Announcement of New Whatsapp privacy policies Tesla's CEO Elon Musk reacted in his simple and Straightforward Tweet "Use Signal"
Signal tweeted from its official Tweeter Account that the verification codes are currently delayed because of so many new users are joining Signal Application right now however, these are solved quickly and users should no longer have problems. (we can barely register our excitement).

What is Signal App

Signal is an instant messaging application like Whatsapp and Telegram which is highly encrypted and protected for the communication.
Signal's Privacy system is so popular now a days in which Signal states on platforms official page that “Neither we can read your messages or listen to your calls, nor anyone else. Privacy is not an optional mode, it is how Signal works. In all your messages, all your calls, forever"

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